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REALTORS! - I WANT TO TALK TO YOU. Yes, you. I love photography. I love simplicity & solid work flows. I like being flexible -- so this page is about you, and how I can help you stay in front of potential and past clients....... read on, friend, and remember to Schedule Now. Thank you!!

Realtors ~ looking to make managing your photography and marketing a little more - manageable. I photograph, upload digital files and youtube video links in 24 hours.. you can even book right here every time, receive a text from me confirming, get an email with links, and invoice, all from your hand held device, fantastic!!. Have facebook? Add me as admin, and I'll post there for you too, as part of the package - want to throw money at me - yes yes you do - I'll manage each property with a photoshoot, youtube videos < branded and unbranded > newsletter for property < you have to supply the email list however > and scheduled posting on Facebook for up to two weeks. I am wordpress proficient, website savvy, Google+ apt, and LinkedIn invited too, I can handle your social platforms, I'd love! to handle your social media platforms!!

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click on schedule now to schedule your shoot. Tuesdays & Thursdays are booked on line and guaranteed - I will either text you or call to confirm! Super easy.

Please go here ~ Realtor Information <-- click that while you're thinking about it...for more information, and download-ables for sending any social media info, headshots, logos etc my way! -- also there are examples of videos I include for your marketing pleasure!

For any other appointment times, please call.  314.719.7998

Thank you!! Rebecca

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