What is the value of an image?

What is the value of imagery of professional commercial photography? To your business? to you personally? What amount of your profits is allocated to marketing? When do you use Architectural Photography or Interior Photography services? What about professional head shots? and why is important in the first place?

Ever use or even look at FaceBook? Drive down the highway? Walk into a family members house and not see pictures? photos? images?

This is why it is important – people see photos and it instantly registers on them. People see words, and yes it registers these are words – but do they really read them? Maybe, mostly not… however, with photography, specifically professional commercial photography,  a photo if you will, all potential clients need to do is look, and you’ve hooked them. Whether they agree, disagree, think, prophesied, or dismiss your services, it is there, your beautiful, perfectly rendered business in all it’s stunning perfect lighting, crisp and clear photography and the more you put an image of your  business in front of your market, the more they passively absorb your business.

How much value would you place on that?



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